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「想像してごらん 入管のない世界を」

World Refugee Day 2011 and 60th Anniversary of Refugee Convention Event by SYI
Imagine All the People Living with No Immigration Bureau
Here Comes SYI-Ranger to Beat Nyukan Mutant!


主催:SYI (収容者友人有志一同)
SYI (Shuyosha Yujin-yushi Ichido: Immigration Detainee’s Friends)

Jingumae Onden Kumin Kaikan

神宮前穏田区民会館前 → 渋谷駅前 → 国連大学前
Jingumae Onden Kumin Kaikan - Shibuya Station - United Nations University

かぞくをかえして! ともだちをかえして! 入管の人権侵害に反対するデモ
GIVE BACK Our Family/Friends! Stop Human Rights Abuses!
Demonstration against Immigration Bureau of Japan

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